MEETINGS can be really boring ... 

That is why we have MEATINGS at Benvenuti. 

Meatings at Benvenuti is a new concept and we hope to offer clients an environment which is casual and low key. The emphasis on these functions is social and as such can be used by companies in various ways. 

The concept is that companies are able to book a table or table, with each table having 10/12 people (round table) or as many as required on our Harry Potter (long tables) Why the name MEATINGS?”

South African are confirmed CARNIVORS. Our MEATINGS serve MEAT... on 1 meter KEBABS NYAMA DELICIOUS Chicken Kebabs, Beef kebabs, Lamb Kebabs and mixed grill kebabs with salads and rolls, and of course...CHAKALAKA

Have a great social meal and relax in the garden and KUIER. 

Table bookings and KEBAB orders need to be placed in advance.